Eileen Spears – Adornable You  “Unique jewelry to adorn the unique you”​

​Hello!  My name is Eileen Spears the owner/designer of “Adornable You”, a jewelry business focusing primarily on “Steampunk” designed jewelry.  My affordable pieces include:  bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cuff links, tie bars, rings, key and gemstone pendants and goggles.  I also create wire crochet necklaces and bracelets.

What is Steampunk?  Think of the Victorian era with its distinctive clothing and steam-run machinery.  In the Steampunk genre electricity and computer chips have not been discovered, everything continues to be run by steam and clockwork mechanisms.  Think of the stories of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and others.  This is Steampunk and it actually has been around for quite a while.  Over time its popularity has increased and evolved into a way of life for some folks.  The outfits usually reflect those worn in the Victorian era, but the genre has expanded to include all sorts of interesting fantasy elements … space pirates, vampires and fairies … just to name a few.

​Adornable You grew out of designing and creating my own pieces for my first Steampunk costume that I was making for an event I was hosting.  Family and friends were very impressed and suggested that I create more to sell.  So I did!

​I design and create my jewelry using gears, clock parts, charms, Swarovski crystals, cabochons and other findings.  I have always had a creative side and enjoy being able to create something unique.  I have created several commissioned pieces and have always exceeded my customers’ expectations.  It gives me great pleasure to see their faces light up with joy when they see their new, one-of-a-kind piece.

​You can see more samples of my jewelry on Facebook at Adornable You, and I look forward to showing you my creations.  I would love to help you find something unique for yourself or for someone who needs a special gift.