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​​​Art in the Park at Dinosaur Caves - 2018

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Bonnie Lady Lee - Bonnie Lee Books

​   In 2009, while working as a patent agent for Tesla and several high profile law firms, Bonnie Lady Lee started writing as a hobby.  Considering patent and intellectual property law is very technical and dry - she found that writing and illustrating children's books gave her the creative outlet she craved.

​   As a foundation for her stories, Bonnie was inspired by her time living in Central America and working with specialists at animal sanctuaries.  She was provided with a wealth of knowledge about endangered species and how they are impacted by territory, food resources, preferences, and safety.

​   ​She creates unique characters that hold a specific lesson with a story that is tied to that character's experiences as an endangered species.  Some of these lessons are:  Learn to count.  Know your shapes.  Believing in yourself.  Trying new foods even when you're a picky eater.  Acceptance and Friendship.

   ​If these vibrant characters and valuable lesson weren't enough Bonnie makes sure to add coloring time to each of her books AND offers plush toys to accompany the stories.

   ​Last, she also has made apps for many of the stories.  These apps feature a "tap 'n hear" option where kids can tap on every word in the book.  Check out this page on her website for more information on her apps: