Celebrating Our 15th Year!

​​ May 6  –  10 am to 4 pm

June 10  –  10 am to 5 pm

July 1  – 10 am to 4 pm

 Aug. 5  –  10 am to 4 pm

Sept. 2  –  10 am to 4 pm

​Oct. 7  –  10 am to 4 pm

Nov. 4 -- 10 am to 4 pm

​William and Irene Keener - S. Croce Leather West

​William and Irene Keener are the parents of Nicole Adler, and grandparents of Luke, Vanley and Dane Adler, a local family with deep personal roots in Shell Beach, Pismo Beach and SLO.  Irene and Bill have had the good fortune to follow one of the Adler's passions.  That is, travelling.  Guided by this passion, the history of the Adler's travel experience, and a love of fine, hand-goods of all kinds, a natural point of influence centered in Italy.  And we have been specifically drawn to the old-world leather craftsmanship of the Franciscan Monks of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy.  The Basilica Santa Croce is the largest Franciscan church in the world.  The former Franciscan monastery connected by courtyards to the rear of the basilica now houses the Scuola del Cuoio or, "School of Leather".  By educating and manufacturing fine goods in the spirit of the ages, this enterprise champions the culture that attracted us to both Florence and beautiful leather.  Before her years of child-rearing, restaurant ownership, and continuing successful career in School Nutrition Consulting, Irene studied fashion design.  During a far less auspicious business career, William continued to harken back to his love of art and craftsmanship.  We have, in our attempt to emulate all aspects of the craft, including the sourcing of Italian materials, the use of hand tools, and maintaining highest quality, been pleased to informally adopt the nom de plume, "S. Croce Leather West".

​Anna Mercado - Bliss River Organics

​   My most important and time consuming job is as a dedicated and mindful mother to my two young boys.  They feed me and motivate me to always be my best.  I structure my business around my life with them.  I'm constantly thinking of my time and connection to them; always keeping a healthy balance between their needs, my own and my customers and business.  I am a work-at-home mom, an artist and truth seeker.  I am also a photographer and behavioral tutor to students on the Autism Spectrum and other learning and social disabilities.  I run the business with my partner of twelve years, Ryan.  We feel blessed to call San Luis Obispo our home.  Within this town we have found the most caring, loving and genuine people and some of the best of what mother earth has to offer.  I believe we each have the power to change the world with our actions, words, lifestyles and dollars.

​   Nature is the place that always soothes and heals me best.  I truly believe that through connection to nature we find the best of ourselves.  Finding the best of ourselves means we can offer the best.  It's not always pretty and perfect, but it's real.  Just the way nature is not always pretty and perfect.  I always love to refer to it as "perfect chaos".  This is where I always find my true voice, deep down inside, the voice of god.

​                                                                      http://blissriverorganics.com/about-us/



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