Bonnie Lady Lee - Bonnie Lee Books

​   In 2009, while working as a patent agent for Tesla and several high profile law firms, Bonnie Lady Lee started writing as a hobby.  Considering patent and intellectual property law is very technical and dry - she found that writing and illustrating children's books gave her the creative outlet she craved.

​   As a foundation for her stories, Bonnie was inspired by her time living in Central America and working with specialists at animal sanctuaries.  She was provided with a wealth of knowledge about endangered species and how they are impacted by territory, food resources, preferences, and safety.

​   ​She creates unique characters that hold a specific lesson with a story that is tied to that character's experiences as an endangered species.  Some of these lessons are:  Learn to count.  Know your shapes.  Believing in yourself.  Trying new foods even when you're a picky eater.  Acceptance and Friendship.

   ​If these vibrant characters and valuable lesson weren't enough Bonnie makes sure to add coloring time to each of her books AND offers plush toys to accompany the stories.

   ​Last, she also has made apps for many of the stories.  These apps feature a "tap 'n hear" option where kids can tap on every word in the book.  Check out this page on her website for more information on her apps:


​Virginia Butcher and Michelle Summers - VShell Treasures

​Virginia Butcher and Michelle Summers have been best friends since 4th grade.  Our passion for creating new and unusual art has grown as we have grown up over the years.  We love to use natural or recycled items to create our treasures.  Play with the textures of rocks and sea glass or play with color combinations to create something unique and timeless.  This is our passion and our expression come to life.

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​​​​Art in the Park at Dinosaur Caves - 2019

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