Art has been a major influence throughout my life, an experience rooted in the creative process of my parents, both accomplished artists. As a medium, the magic of glass captivates me. It’s wondrous how something that essentially starts as a grain of sand has the unique ability to capture, reflect, and transmit light in a way that constantly transforms itself and its surroundings.

Our art is influenced by the beauty and power of nature and natural elements. While capturing these in glass, both artwork and functional pieces, I recently started to include natural elements in my pieces. I am also inspired by the power of women to influence, change, create, nurture, and enjoy the world around them.

Almost as much as I love creating in glass, I love to learn. I’ve studied and worked extensively with leading glass artists in the United States, including Richard LaLonde, Michael Dupille, Ann Cavanaugh, Patty Gray, Kevin Kanyo, Gail Stouffer, and Fred Buxton. In addition, I’ve pursued studies in ceramics, art theory, and art history at several universities.