Ryan Sauter: With over 20 years of experience in the arts, Ryan has developed his skill and love for painting.  His exploration has led him to continue learning and seeking art in a way that can communicate and relate to life.  Starting off more traditionally as a realist painter, his style has merged into incorporating realistic elements with a subconscious expression developed in line and color.

The work demonstrates strong naturalistic elements in coalition with life perceptions and ideas.  The art will mean something different to every person.  One thing that is constant is bringing in the use of recognizable form via collage format to create a story line, a string of images that correlate to each other.  The eye is led through visual pages that generate and spark the imagination.  The pieces are about what it is like to dream, and the subconscious role of the psyche.  They are snapshots in time and about the relationship humans share with life.  They are about the exploration of the integral life system amid the body and mind, the elusive understanding between brain and reality.