The name of my products comes from Julie, that’s me, and Etta, from my inspiring grandmother. I live here on the central coast of California in San Luis Obispo County, out in the country on big land, which is where I create my Natural line of Olive Oil Body Products and Essential Oil Blends for Diffusing and My Beautiful Perfume. All of my Recipes are Original and I make my Natural products in small batches for freshness and only using premium ingredients to assure you the highest quality in my work.

My Beautiful Olive Oil Lotion Label is Original Art Work, by Tony Pedicini, “The Art Deco Bathing Beauty”.

As I continue to travel to shows throughout the year with my product line, I gather ideas for my next creation from all of you. Thank You for your support along the way.
Olive Oil Lotion, Olive Oil Soaps, Hydrating Body Mist, Essential Diffuser Blends